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April 30, 2010

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Friday - April 30, 2010

Long time no see!  I have been very lazy updating the site but I have posted a
new home page image.  Hopefuly some good photos to come this
spring and summer!

Till next time!!


Wednesday - January 7, 2009

To anyone paying attention there has been some concern over a "Black Dot"
problem with the new Canon 5D Mark II.  I have used two 5D Mark II body's over
the last month and have found the camera to be outstanding.  Is the dot problem real?
Yes it exists, however the likely hood of ever causing a problem in an image are very small.
It occurs only on the edges of bright highlights in some situations, (like Christmas lights at night)
But is usually only visible at 100% magnification and has never been any issue to me.
Canon has now released a firmware update to correct these problems.
I will be installing it on my camera and reporting on the success of the fix.
You can download it here Canon 5D Mark II firmware 1.0.7

The Canon 5D Mark II for me has been a complete thrill to use and picture quality is just
superb.  I will have a complete report in the coming days.


Tuesday - December 16, 2008

A lot has happened in a few months and I am back on line with news about  two great new
cameras.  Both the ground breaking Nikon D90 and the stunning Canon 5D Mark II
I have reviewed both and will publish reports on them in the coming days.  For now
though, let me just say that both cameras are now in my bag and I am enthusiastic about each.

I have one image posted on the home page from the 5D Mk II which is a night shot
that was taken at 3200 ISO showing extraordinary color rendition and very low visible noise.
 Tuesday - October 7, 2008

OK!  it has been too long.  Yes I know I say it but will I follow through?
I will TRY  to post another Recent Work gallery and more family images SOON!
Today I post a new Home Page Photo showing that you indeed do not need
a DSLR to produce a great image.


In the NEWS is the buzz about the new Cannon 5D Mark II.   A camera that looks destine
to follow in the legendary footsteps of it's predecessor the first 5D
This is what I have been waiting for from Cannon and why I have held off upgrading my 1D Mark II
when all of the focus issues came out on the Mark III version.

The highlights of the NEW Canon EOS 5D Mark II:
HD video mode with 1080P output
21 Megapixel full frame sensor with claimed ISO performance to again be top of the heap
Live View Shooting
Water resistance
and more....

 Tuesday - March 04, 2008

Well it has been quite some time since I have added anything to the site so I feel
I must make some addition.  I have placed on the Home Page what I feel is a strong
image that evokes some sort of feeling of the city.  It was one of those images
that is not planned but just happens and in fact arose from a quick snapshot through
a car window with the Canon Powershot G9.  The original image was grossly under
exposed and in it's original state virtually no details could be made out.  But since
the little G9 takes images in RAW I was able to push the exposure and come up
with what I think is a graphic statement of the City, Old and New.  Dusk was over the city
with a light snow falling and a cloudy dark sky.  The contrast of these elements with the
turn of the century church tower against the towers of the Renaissance Center looming
above makes a statement of gothic and sleek, light and shadow, old and new, with the scale
of the left turn sign putting the viewer into perspective of the front seat of an automobile.
click the image for a larger version and enjoy!


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Tuesday - Dec 11, 2007

I now have the second part of my look at Three Entry Level DSLR's online the Canon XTI Review


Check this page for more information

Monday - Dec 10, 2007

The first part of my review of entry level DSLR's is now online starting off with the Nikon D40X.
This contains much of what I have to say about the three cameras that I have been using for
a number of weeks now.  The Nikon D40X, Canon XTI and the Olympus E-410.  I have a page
for the Canon and the Olympus yet to add and some galleries but these should be forthcoming.
It is interesting to see how good overall these image makers are and how competition has
 produced a better product for us all.


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Thursday - Nov 22, 2007

Oh Give Thanks to the Lord for He is GOOD!

Canon has released a firmware update for the 40D
For the past several weeks I have been using the new Canon 40D.  This camera is a joy to use and features one of 
the best group of updates this series has yet seen.  One of the most significant additions for me, is the ability to save
all camera settings to three selectable user modes via the exposure control dial.  Of course there are all the new features
seen on the XTI and 30D, plus live view.   This camera excites the photographic appetite every time I pick it up.
Look soon for a my comments and review on the Canon  40D.


Thursday - Nov 1, 2007

Canon has announced in the UK some sort of notice to dealers that there has been a
temporary halt in shipments of the 1D Mark III, and says they will soon have an official
statement regarding the auto focus repair procedure.

There is also now an Australian web page addressing the problem.

Tamron Announces Re-Release of It's New
Tamron AF 28-300mm VC (Vibration Compensated) Lens on October 26, 2007 in Japan
Back in August Tamron was supposed to release a version of their very popular 28-300mm lens featuring
optical image stabilization.  This release was delayed however because of a technical  problem.
This is an extremely versatile zoom range lens and in it's standard form has been
frequently used by me for a do it all light weight lens for vacation and family photography. 
I am very interested in this "VC" version and hope to get a sample and report on it soon.

Friday - October 19, 2007

Breaking news!
Canon 1D Mark III, AutoFocus FIX!
As many readers may be aware, the Canon 1D Mark III has had a nagging autofocus issue since
Canon released the camera this spring.  A report now being circulated, and supported by the Rob Galbraith site,
which has been on top of the issue and very instrumental in documenting the problem, says, that Canon
has now indicated that there is a hardware fix for the problem involving adjustment of the "sub-mirror" assembly.

I have been keenly watching for developments on this problem as it has caused me to delay
my own purchase of this camera.  I am sure this will be of great relief to many current 1D Mark III owners
and restore consumer confidence, assuming that this indeed will fix the problem.  For more information
regarding this issue see Rob Galbraith's complete article.

Check this page for more information!


Thursday - September 13, 2007

Get ready to this year's Hawk and and birding event at Lake Erie Metro park.
September 15-16, 2007
Lots of exhibits, live birds and great educational activities. 
Bring your family and enjoy some wonderful up close and personal experiences with raptors of all kinds. 
Take a look at my 2005 slide show to see what has happened previous years!


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Friday - September 7, 2007
Recently a number of new camera announcements have been made from several manufactures
Of particular interest to me are the new cameras from Canon and Nikon.
Nikon , which has done much better at keeping secrets than Canon, dropped their bombshell
last month with the announcement of two new SLR's and several new lenses.  The most significant news
from Nikon is the new D3 which will be Nikon's first full frame DSLR finally giving some competition
to Canon's full frame 1Ds and 5D.
Another exciting new lens, I have recently become aware of is the Tamron AF28-300mm F/3.5-6.3 XR Di VC.
This new lens will feature Tamron's own form of image stabilization called "VC" (vibration compensation).
and will provide a lower cost wide range zoom lens that is optically stabilized.
Being  small and light weight it should be an excellent "Do everything" lens. 
I noticed today, however, that Tamron has  delayed shipment of the Canon mount
version of this lens siteing technical problems. I hope to obtain
a review copy when they become available and give a report here in the coming months.
I just returned from a week long trip to northern Michigan and the Ludington area
We had great weather and  nice photo opportunities.  The current home page image is from that trip.
I plan to add images from this trip soon to Recent Work

Bibble, still to date, my favorite raw converter, has now added support for the Canon 40D.
It is great to see a company provide it's users quick support for new cameras.

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Monday - August 20, 2007
An affordable A3+(13"X19") professional quality Pigment ink photo printer on your desktop.
MY revew of the HP PHotosmart Pro B9180 is complete and now online.
After 3 plus weeks with the printer I am very pleased with the purchase.
See the review for all the details!

I am also updating the Recent Work Gallery today.

Sunday - July 22, 2007
YES!  At last an update.  As you can see by the lack of updates I have been very busy
during the last few months.  Photographically speaking, little has happened for me with not much to report
however that is about to change with my purchase of the highly praised HP B9180 Photosmart printer. 
I have yet to take delivery of this new pigment ink printer from HP but I am eagerly looking forward to it.
I just became aware of a very attractive offer from HP where they will give you a $100 rebate
on the purchase of a new B9180 if you currently are the owner of any brand of 13" or larger
photographic printer (in my case a Canon I9900).  All you have to do is provide the serial number
of the old unit (Note: this offer ends July 30). The rebate along with a great price that I found
online from IT Supplies brings the net cost of the new printer to $489 US.  This is an extraordinary
price for a printer of this capability and with such rave reviews.  I will post my own comments
on the HP B9180 once I put it through it's paces.

In other news I have also recently acquired an outstanding and very compact HD video camera
the Panasonic HDC-SR1.  I, like I am sure many of you, also have and use some type of camcorder
for documenting family events kids etc.  In an upcoming report I will make a few comments on
this very compact High Definition camera.

Today I am also posting a brand new gallery of recent work that starts with some photos from May
and I will begin to add images again to it on a regular basis.


Sunday - March 11, 2007
This is old news now but Canon has announced the new Canon 1D Mark III.  You can read about it Here


Friday - March 9, 2007
Yes it has been a long time since I have put any updates on, I just have been  very busy.
Nothing major added just a home page image and the beautiful winter evening scene at the top of this page.
Spring is coming!


Friday - December 8, 2006

 It has been over a month since my last update and I have a few reviews and articles coming, we will see
if I can get them posted before the new year.

 I have been doing a little work with Adobe Light Room as it nears final release and I will post a
few of my comments in the days ahead.

Canon XTI and Nikon D80
 I have also had the opportunity to work with the Canon XTI as well as the Nikon D80.  Both excellent
cameras and worthy upgrades for each camp.  I remain a Canon shooter but the D80 is a fine instrument as well.
 I do plan to post more detailed comments but for those looking to make a purchase for Christmas my short summery is;
If you are new the world of SLRs and have no significant commitment to either system (Canon or Nikon)
 I continue to recommend Canon.  Of course this holds even more true if you have any investment already
in Canon lens or accessories.  The reverse also holds true. Having had first hand experience with the Nikon D80,
I would also say,  "If you have an investment in Nikon lenses or accessories the D80 is a very worthy and capable camera".
The Nikon D80 is more professional and substantial feeling than the XTI and produces excellent quality photos. 
Check back for more detailed comments on both Canon and Nikon!

Winter is fast settling upon us and with it the opportunity for some dramatic landscaping shooting of winter scenes, try
not to let the cold weather hamper the photographic spark!


Monday - October 30, 2006

 New images in Recent Work gallery!

Tulip Time