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Detroit Chamber Trio in the Detroit Free Press article
The Detroit Chamber Trio and Eduard Perrone are deeply involved with the works of Paul Paray, former conductor of the Detroit Symphony.  Eduard Perrone has put much effort in finding and recording a number of Paul Paray's previously unknown works.

The recordings Fr. Eduard Perrone has released under the Grotto Productions label:

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Aussumption Grotto Productions
Aussumption Grotto Productions
Aussumption Grotto Productions
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 Paul Paray also recorded with the Detroit Symphony during the late 50s and 60s under the Mercury Living Presence label.  The recordings are of extraordinary fidelity and spirited performances.  I highly recommend them to the music lover and audiophile.  A must have in your collection is the Suppe Overtures disc.
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Suppe Overtures
one of my favorite CDs