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Chamber Music

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I have been involved in music and High End Audio a long time, both in selling gear, classical recording and for my personal listening pleasure. As many of us "Audiophiles" are, most of my work is born out of personal interest and passion for music rather than the "money". I am also a classical recordist and have built up my own recording philosophies and equipment for the last 15 years. This has been focused in the area of the latest high resolution digital equipment with purest recording techniques; using the best microphones attainable from Schoeps, Neumann, DPA and other lesser known, smaller companies. I have also had a keen interest in the legendary recordings of the early stereo years and the men who made them, making it a study of mine to learn their technique, philosophy and secrets that have produced some of the best classical recorded sound records in history. Recently we have been active in several CD projects and releases of little known chamber music. Through the years I have had the opportunity to record a wide range of venues with many different types of classical music from modern to the renaissance. On this page you will find a number of music clips from some recordings that we have been involved with, both large ensemble duets, trios and smaller chamber groups.

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